Killer Mike’s barbershop

May 17th, 2012

Michael Render aka rap artist Killer Mike recently opened up a barbershop called Graffiti’s Swag Shop in Southwest Atlanta in an unassuming strip mall.  It’s been his dream to open a shop for a long time now — he stresses the importance barbershops have in young men’s lives.  A place “where men can just be men…everybody’s Al Capone in a barber’s chair,” he says, nestled in a vacant barber chair against the candy land colors of his shop.

These photos were made for a feature in Creative Loafing about his new album, R.A.P. Music.  The final photo is of a photo by Jonathan Mannion of Mike and his grandmother just after he won a  Grammy with OutKast for “Whole World.”  It hangs at the entrance of his shop, across from the a wheat-paste of Martin Luther King Junior.






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