Dub Step party for Creative Loafing

March 28th, 2011

Dubstep was not a genre of music I was familiar with and raves were a kind of party that I had only very specific visions about, though I had never been to one.  When CL called me a few fridays back to shoot a secret warehouse rave in West Atlanta, my plans for the night changed drastically, and thus I was thrust into the world of smoke, lasers, and bass.

I urge you to read the article in Creative Loafing which quite artfully describes the scene.  The article received a huge response from folks in the Atlanta Dubstep scene who generally weren’t please with the way the article depicted the genre’s scene, though I feel that the article did accurately depict what I saw that night:  Check it out.

Here’s what I believe is a good example of dubstep, it really kicks in about 50 seconds in.








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